Too Bad He Didn’t Shoot Montgomery


Most men compensate for a microphallus by buying a Hummer.  Every once in a while, this sort needs to pretend to be the Great White Hunter

Look, if you want to shoot bears, more power to you.   They constantly steal my pic-a-nic basket, and what not.  I have no problem with that.  Bears are a menace.  Just ask the family of the little girl who was killed earlier this year, or Stephen Colbert.

However, killing a bear that is in a pen and faking through video trickery that you stalked and killed said bear, makes you a douchebag. 

A quick listen to the Montgomery Gentry oevure, shows him to be a talentless douchebag.  Judging by the imagery in this video, I would have to conclude that Gentry may be more partial to the Bears that habituate Church Street

On a related note that masquerades as media criticism, WSMV displayed everything that is wrong with local news by doing a live stand-up for this story.  Did the lame-ass "reporter" appear live outside of Gentry’s home in Franklin?  Of course not.  He intro’d the package from the Coliseum side of the Cumberland with Riverfront Park and the skyline as his backdrop.  Why, I have no idea.

WKRN showed the good taste of reporting the story with a Duluth, MN dateline from the hypeless environs of the anchor desk. 


3 Responses to “Too Bad He Didn’t Shoot Montgomery”

  1. brittney Says:

    <i>They constantly steal my pic-a-nic basket, and what not</i>You made me snarf coffee.

  2. The Desert Goose Says:

    When I saw the words "Hummer" and "microphallus" in the same sentence, I assumed you were going to comment on the recent Ad Report card from Slate. I don’t know anything about this bear killing you speak of. I just keep checking in to see if you’re going to use the words "JonBenet Ramsey" and "Gary Glitter" in the same sentence.

  3. Sarcastro Says:

    The day ain’t over, Goose.

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