Say The Right Thing


Sometimes the messenger gets shot, not because of the message, but due to the politics and identity of the messenger.

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour compared the devastation from Hurricane Katrina was "like someone set off a nuclear bomb." He went on to say, "I can only imagine that this is what Hiroshima looked like 60 years ago.

The usual suspects crawled out from under Lenin’s Tomb to render their aghast verdict to such an ugly pronouncement.

From Counterpunch: "Clearly Governor Barbour feels justified in using nuclear references when examining the aftermath of Katrina. And since Mr. Barbour takes these analogous liberties, one would presume he full understands the cataclysmic consequences a nuclear weapon can cause."

The sancitmonious posturing only gets worse from there.  The authors then go on a non-stop liberal screed about nuclear weapons and the alleged ignorance of Mr. Barbour that makes the reader wish  that the staff of Counterpunch were somehow thrown back in time to a diesel fuel and ammonium nitrate depot in downtown Hiroshima circa August 9th 1945.

This was a tempest in the teapot at the time.  Outraged members of the Perpetually Outraged caste got their panties in a twist about how, "the incineration of nearly 100,000 human beings is a comparison I hardly think appropriate." 

Whatever, hippie.  Put your Che t-shirt in the hemp rucksack and hitch on down there to check out the devastation.  If you have the energy for all this umbrage, you can go help clean up.  

Fast forward to today.  

Diminutive loud-mouth Spike Lee, proving that getting a good education and actually learning something is sometimes mutually exclusive, says  "It looked like what I assume Hiroshima looked like after World War II. I just couldn’t believe this was happening right now in America. It was one of those moments where you know someone will ask you years from now, ‘Where were you when Katrina happened?’ 

Spike, the smart ones will answer, "Driving the fuck out of New Orleans, as fast as I could."

Has anyone on the HuffPo come out to tell the talented director that he is parroting the words of the Evil Southern Rethuglican?  

No, not a peep. 

How about the Scylla and Charybdis of Slate and Salon

(crickets chirping) 

What have learned today?  If you are a stereotypical good ol’ boy politician you will not get the free pass that a self-hyping little movie maker will get for the same comment. 

I can’t wait to see if Spike tries to back up his far-fetched claim that the Feds flooded New Orleans on purpose.

 "It’s not too far-fetched. I don’t put anything past the United States government. I don’t find it too far-fetched that they tried to displace all the black people out of New Orleans."   Lee claimed on CNN.

Which makes the Bush administration so brilliantly devious.  GW was able to enact a plan to remove the blacks from their below sea level cesspool and relocate them to the town where his parents live.  You must admire the man for the sheer audacity of that plan.  The Feds are too dumb to get hurricane relief in to those who needed it all along the Gulf Coast, but Lex Luthoresque enough to get someone to blow up a levee in the middle of a Cat 3…ahh, forget it. 

I’m not getting anywhere with this.  You can’t argue with this kind of willfully paranoid stupidity.

I’m not going to watch Spike’s little movie about New Orleans.  He is an exceptionally talented filmaker.  Too bad his poorly thought out opinions on life outside his bubble of celebrity are so damn wrong. 

Besides, he has probably  cast himself as Katrina’s wise-cracking sidekick, Mars Blackmon.



10 Responses to “Say The Right Thing”

  1. The Desert Goose Says:

    Oh, how I love the crickets chirping. They’re right up there with the moths flying out of my wallet.

  2. Exador Says:

    Spike Lee. I loved that movie he made back in the 80’s.

  3. saraclark Says:

    Do you think the survivors of Hiroshima got their home insurance claims denied too?One day the house was there and the next day it was gone. Now what? Is it one big conspiracy by the Insurance Company Owning Man (Republicans)to stiff the underpriveledged? I wonder when that claim will begin in the media.

  4. Sarcastro Says:

    I think you just started it.

  5. saraclark Says:

    I already know the insurance companies are a tool of the man, using their sneaky fine print to oppress the average homeowner.You’re the media? Oh, the Citizen Media.

  6. Gandalf Mantooth Says:

    well the flaw in the argument is that there are many people who consider themselves liberal who do not like Spike Lee very much, more than you apparently realize. I can’t imagine they’d be particularly outraged at him, more like indifferent. I have to say I don’t recall very many people being that pissed off at Barbour. I know in my household, the topic of Hiroshima came up in reference to the floods devastation.But,er, did Spike actually say that he believed that the government actually conspired to drive all black people out of New Orleans or did he just intimate a further distrust of the government?

  7. Sarcastro Says:

    I wonder if a class action suit could be brought about by all the folks who got screwed over when they found out that "Hurricane Insurance" doesn’t cover rain. Sounds like deceptive business practices and fraud.

  8. Sarcastro Says:

    Well, Gandy, at least one more than I realized.Barbour took about a day’s worth of crap. There was too much actual news that day for it to make a HUGE splash. (Pardon the phrase.) What with all the cannibalism going on in the Super Dome and such.Check out Bill Maher’s show. It is the one with Spike and Tucker Carlson and a woman from CNN, I think. Plus, Spike’s appearance on Larry King.

  9. Gandalf Mantooth Says:

    Stick me in the "indifferent" column, despite the fact he made one of the top ten films of the 1980’s.

  10. Sarcastro Says:

    The man has a film resume that can’t be argued with. Other than that, he’s out of his depth.

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