Sinatra Warns Apes To Knock It Off


Singer gives Dr. Zaius 24 Hours to ‘Drop This Monkey Bunk or It’s Ring-A-Ding for You Bozos’.


4 Responses to “Sinatra Warns Apes To Knock It Off”

  1. Troy McClure Says:

    I think your long-term fixation with all things Planet of the Apes is one of your most admirable qualities."It’s the part I was born to play, baby!"

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    Troy,Were it not for your paraphilia for aquatic life,you would have a legendary career.Though I personally liked, "Hitler Doesn’t Live Here Anymore", "Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp", and "Calling All Quakers". Though, I liked the last one primarily due to the talents of Dolores Montenegro.Plus, much of your work in the educational films industry has had a direct impact on my life. Films such as, "Designated Drivers:Life Saving Nerds", "Lead Paint: Delicious but Deadly", and "Smoke Yourself Thin".

  3. Troy McClure Says:

    But surely you derived some pecuniary benefit from watching "Mothballing Your Battleship"? I poured my soul out in that one.

  4. Sarcastro Says:

    Sir, that goes without saying.

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