It’s For The Children…


There is baseball to be watched in the Queen City. No, not that kind of queen.

I’ll be back late Saturday.


4 Responses to “It’s For The Children…”

  1. jag Says:

    I thought Gary Sandy was hot shit when I was a kid, but I wished that, had I been a guy, I could grow up and be just like Dr. Fever.

  2. Aunt B. Says:

    Hey, and a big thanks to all of Sarcastro’s readers who stopped by his house for the party last night. What a blast!Literally.No worries. I spackled the bullet holes and took the light bulbs with me when I left, so the kitchen looks almost like new.I couldn’t remember who brought the donkey. I just left it tied to the bumper of the wrecked Tahoe in the living room.Also, I paid the strippers. I hope someone else took care of the girls who jumped out of the birthday cakes. I thought three cakes was going to be a bit excessive, but it ended up being just enough for everyone.Good times.And thanks to Sarcastro for letting us all know you’d be gone.

  3. Sarcastro Says:

    Even for you, that’s way too cliche.

  4. Aunt B. Says:

    Aw, now. Don’t be jealous. You know as well as I do that there’s a simple elegance to a well-placed cliche and that one was placed in its setting perfectly.

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