Cuba Libre!


It’s a party down Miami way as Fidel DeathWatch 2006 has kicked into high gear.  Raul Castro now has the keys to the kingdom.  At the age of seventy-five, it isn’t a stretch to call him a "transitional figure".

It may have been Camelot for Jack and Jacqueline
But on the Che Guevara highway filling up with gasoline
Fidel Castro’s brother spies a rich lady who’s crying
Over luxury’s disappointment
So he walks over and he’s trying
To sympathise with her but he thinks that he should warn her
That the Third World is just around the corner

Raul was right.  Cuba got real chummy with Third World living over the last 45 years.  When the Soviets stopped paying the bills it got even worse.  Now is the time for the Bush administration to go on the charm offensive.  Make the move to normalize relations with Cuba ASAP.  With Uncle Fidel out of the picture, the timing is perfect.  The Cubans in Miami are dancing in the streets.  They have put up the most resistance to the idea in the past.  Now, they won’t care with Fidel out of the way.  For them, it is like the Berlin Wall is coming down.

Raul knows he is over his head.   With his brother knocking on Lenin’s Tomb, he’s looking for some options.  All the US needs to do is to lift the travel ban and the embargo.  That’s it.  Make that small gesture and further undermine the Castro regime. 

President Bush wants to extend "democracy, liberty, and security to all regions".  No better place to start than 90 miles from Florida.  And no better time to do it.  This administration needs to get some points on the board.  The Six Flags over Baghdad concept isn’t really catching on.  A bold, foreign policy success would do wonders for our reputation abroad and somebody’s approval poll numbers at home.


2 Responses to “Cuba Libre!”

  1. Nashville Knucklehead Says:

    See, it works! Ignore him and eventually he will go away. It may take 50 years, but we win!

  2. bridgett Says:

    You know, in terms of our musical headscape, you and I could be the same person.Scary.

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