This Week’s Guilty Pleasures


Teresa Weakley

Megan McCormick from Globe Trekker

Jolene from the Nashville Dodge ads

Monica Crowley

Kaitlin Olson 

Molotov Cocktease 


I need to stop watching so much television. 



4 Responses to “This Week’s Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Sarcastro's Sugar Momma Says:

    Yes, you do!

  2. john h Says:

    ahhhhhhhh, Jolene. I have actually wondered if she works at that dealership ….ahhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Exador Says:

    Adult swim would be the primary reason for my gettting a TiVo. I need to just Netflix the Venture Brothers.

  4. babewatcher Says:

    Now there are a mimimum of 4 babes on Nashville’s TV scene to watch and salivate over. Holly Thompson(ch.4), Teresa Weakley(ch.2),Amy(NOT Jamie)Watson(ch.5) and lovely Jolene. I’d kill to watch a pillow fight between the beauties.

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