“I’ve Never Heard of Diabetes Causing Foul Language.”


The great character actor, Jack Warden, has passed away at the age of 85.  There have been times watching movies on cable, when he’s been on every damn channel.

You may have seen him in:

12 Angry Men
Darby’s Rangers
Run Silent, Run Deep

Two episodes of The Twilight Zone
Brian’s Song
All The President’s Men
Heaven Can Wait

The TV version of The Bad News Bears
…And Justice For All
Being There
Used Cars
(He played two roles in Used Cars, one of the greatest films of our time.)
Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead

More importantly,

He was a prize fighter who fought on the same card as Charles Durning in Madison Square Garden, he was in the Yangtze River Patrol and spent three years in China during the late thirties-early forties, a Merchant Marine, an Army paratrooper with the 101st Airborne, and saw action at the Battle of The Bulge

That’s a life worth living.


2 Responses to ““I’ve Never Heard of Diabetes Causing Foul Language.””

  1. SistaSmiff Says:

    He was a dandy. I loved him in "While You Were Sleeping."

  2. newscoma Says:

    I loved him in …And Justice For All. He was a great actor because he inhabited a character instead of acted.He was groovy.

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