Dumbass On The Half-Shell


Chef and TV star Anthony Bourdain is currently trapped in Lebanon.  In what is either a great prank, or the least well thought out idea in television, Bourdain and his crew went to Beirut on Sunday to film stuff for his show No Reservations.

You can follow the attempts to extract the self-parodying Travel Channel host and his crew from the jaws of Armageddon here


7 Responses to “Dumbass On The Half-Shell”

  1. Huck Says:

    Damn that sux. I like Bourdain.

  2. jag Says:

    I dreamt the other night that Anthony Bourdain and I were dating. Words can’t cover the massive crush I have on the bull penis soup eating, tall as hell, foul mouthed man.

  3. jag Says:

    Ow, the Post chose one of the worst pictures ever taken to put on that article.I looked at the message board you linked. Do comments like this come off as completely asinine to anyone else? "Hey good news!!! CNN.com is reporting that the marines have arrived in Beirut and that they’ll begin evacuating Americans in the next few days! Big Grin This means Tony gets to take a ride in a big fancy military helicopter that goes fast and makes a lot of noise…..he’ll LOVE it! Wink"He’ll love it? Do you know the guy, tikkamasala? He doesn’t seem like the type to hang with girls who manage to put two smiley emoticons in 3 sentences. He seems more like the guy to hang with girls with brown hair, big boobs, a house in East Nashville, maybe she’s married, but we can overlook that, just once.

  4. Sarcastro Says:

    Jealous much, jag?The kind of super-fans who comment at the Travel Channel boards are the reason God made restraining orders.

  5. jag Says:

    No shit.

  6. Katherine Coble Says:

    ???? Wasn’t there already fighting on Sunday? How many drugs are still in Bourdain’s system?

  7. jag Says:

    If he wasn’t telling untruths in Kitchen Confidential, our Tony probably has enough residual illegal substances in his body to keep him buzzed for decades.

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