“Neither irony or sarcasm is argument.”


That Rufus Choate thinks he is Mr. Smart.  Well, he just met Mr. Smarter.  Here is today’s Irony Report:

The Homeless Guy’s favorite album is Supertramp, Breakfast in America

The actor who plays Dr. House got a raise.  He’s now making $300k per episode.  The doctor who must be the real-life Dr. House is hated by the state Board of Medicine, and yet loved by the bin Laden family.

The city of Chicago has banned the sale of foi gras in restaurants.  Saying it is cruel to damage the liver of duck and geese by force feeding it protein.  Upton Sinclair and Harry Caray’s Liver could not be reached for comment. 

Chuck Klosterman thinks that Snakes on a Plane is "irony in reverse". In a stunning move of reverse-reverse irony,  Gawker then takes him to task for being a hideous Garrigan-esque tool. 

What bothers Chuck is not the fact that the movie is being made, but how the movie is being made: based on the input of (wait for it) bloggers.
Bloggers, you see, don’t know what they want. They are sheep, the great unwashed who, while they may be able to express their opinions on websites that twenty people (including, apparently, studio executives, but never mind that) read, are still, in Chuck’s world, unfocused consumers. They don’t have a column in, say, Esquire, that validates them as cultural tastemakers.

A convenience store clerk in Florida punched and stabbed a fourteen year old boy for not buying a yo-yo.  The name of the store was, of course,  Friendly’s Meat and Grocery Store.  That doesn’t sound very friendly to me.



One Response to ““Neither irony or sarcasm is argument.””

  1. Aunt B. Says:

    I feel like such a trend-setter having started calling you "Mr. Smarty Pants" oh those many years ago.Okay, fine, a couple of days ago. But the fact remains, I noticed your big brain first.

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