Regrets, I’ve Had A Few


The WKRN thingy at the GEC was well worth attending.  However, I feel the need to issue some mea culpas concerning that event.

I Regret… 

Closing the elevator on Huck and giving it the half-assed Larry David move.

Making a dick joke at Kleinheider’s expense.

That I keep wanting to call Coble’s husband Matt instead of Tim.  It is kinda palindrome-y. 

Not spending more time with Jon Jackson, Rex L. Camino or Ceeelcee.

Failing to give Aunt B a Listerine Breath Strip when she needed one.

Introducing myself to Bob Krumm as Roger Abramson.

Introducing myself to Newscoma as Roger Abramson.

Introducing myself to Roger Abramson as The Real Roger Abramson. 

Not introducing myself at all to Blake Wylie, Jag, the Mommy Bloggers, and whoever else I missed chatting with.

Admitting that I don’t "get" Nemesisboy, other than as a Andy Kaufmanesque prankster.

Not introducing the Sugar Momma as Terry Frank. 

Making lame small talk with Gandalf Mantooth instead of something either substantive or offensive. 

Not wearing a name tag that said either "John Galt" or  Dennis Ferrier.

Expecting the BBQ to be as good as the Mothership’s.

Not sticking around longer, but It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was about to come on. 




14 Responses to “Regrets, I’ve Had A Few”

  1. Chris Wage Says:

    a) don’t piss on the memory of andy kaufmanb) everyone knows that andy kaufman is ann coulterc) I think amanda made fun of the nemesisboys to the extent that the actually left

  2. Chris Wage Says:

    they. they actually left.shit, they infected me with some sort of typo-inducing virus.TWELVE MONKEYS

  3. Katherine Coble Says:

    Buy a damned TiVo already.

  4. Jon Says:

    Great to finally meet you, Sar. We’ll have to do that golf thing one of these days.

  5. newscoma Says:

    Umm…I didn’t buy that you were Roger Abramson.(Aunt B. had run your picture a few weeks ago. I’m perceptive that way.) I had considered putting on my badge Terry Frank, but Mary from Liberadio did it instead.

  6. SistaSmiff Says:

    Kickin’ myself I didn’t get to you last night. You were always surrounded by your throngs of "admirers" though. The Beach Boys were just on Regis. It was kickin’. I mean, I think Mike’s Fiber Con kicked in.

  7. CeeElCee Says:

    Do it on a Sunday and Knucklehead and I can fill out that foursome with you and Jon Jackson. Now that would be a bitter bunch…I can’t believe I missed him last night. Crap! (and drivel)

  8. Kate O' Says:

    Didn’t get to meet you, but I did get to meet Jag and I can attest that she’s a must-meet. Next time, perhaps.

  9. r.l. camino Says:

    I meant to seek you out later on but I somehow didn’t manage to move from that one spot all night.

  10. Nashville Knucklehead Says:

    CLC speaks the truth, but it can be any ol sunday. I am often with child. This one is good, though.

  11. Nashville Knucklehead Says:

    I meant can’t be any ol sunday.

  12. "John Galt" Says:

    Are you absolutely, positively, without a doubt sure I was not there?

  13. Sarcastro Says:

    I was sure you weren’t wearing a "John Galt" name tag.But, I wasn’t wearing one either. Next time, mine will say, "Rusty Shackleford".

  14. "John Galt" Says:

    Only Mike Sechrist can confirm my presence or absence.

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