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Not every review of Superman Returns needs to quote Nietzsche or drop a reference to Cahiers du Cinema.  The best reviews come from the target audience.   At a sneak preview of the Will Smith tour de force, Wild Wild West when the credits started rolling and the lights came up, the ten year old in front of me exclaimed, "That was the worst piece of shit I have ever seen."  There isn’t a movie reviewer in America who can top that kid’s distillation of that particular piece of shit.

Yesterday, I took the Sugar Momma’s boys to see Superman Returns at the Opry Mills.  Here is their chock-full-of-spoilers review:

Did you guys like the movie?

8 year old:  Great,awesome! One of the best movies I’ve seen. When Lex Luthor put the crystal and the kryptonite into the water the ground started to crack and there was a new continent Lex Luthor called his own.
11 year oldIf you like Superman you have to go see SUPERMAN RETURNS!!

When did you start liking Superman?

8:   When I saw the first Superman cartoon a few years ago.  I started like him more when Sarcastro showed them to me.
11:  I’ve had an interest but just really started watching a few months ago.

What movies do you like better than this one? 

8: Home Alone 3.
11:  Home Alone 4 and The Longest Yard.  That one is so funny but it has some language that 8 shouldn’t listen to.

 What parts did you like the most?

8:  I liked when Lex Luthor threw the kryptonite in the water.
11:  When Kent Clark returns.

 What parts did you like the least?

8: I didn’t like it at the beginning when Lex Luthor had on a wig.
11: I liked it all.

Do you think the movie would be better in IMAX or on a regular screen? 

8:  I have never seen a movie on IMAX.
11: Regular screen…because I don’t like 3D  movies.  The glasses hurt my eyes.

Were there any parts of the movie that were confusing or that you didn’t understand? 

8:  When Lex Luthor made a new continent.  I didn’t understand why he did it.
11:  Lex Luthor had a wig on and was saying good-bye to his mother.  I didn’t know who he was. Sarcastro told me.

What makes Superman cool? 

8: His super powers and especially his flying.
11:  He can fly.

If you made this movie, what would you do differently? 

8:  I would change the beginning where you could see Superman born and his parents funeral.
11:  Change the boots Superman was wearing.





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  1. Chris Wage Says:


  2. Jagosaurus Says:

    A movie’s success almost always hinges on the footwear. Or so I’ve heard.

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