Please Go Back On Strike


This rant is going to sound like a broken record.  For those of you who never had a record player or any vinyl records, it is akin to a compact disc that skips and repeats.  For those of you reading this in the not-so-distant future who only have experience with a music storage medium that has no skippage,  I’m sorry. This metaphor just isn’t for you. 

The Carolina Whatevers has won the NHL’s Stanley Cup by beating some Canadian team.   Hockey season is finally over, in mid-fucking-June.  The other big winter sport, basketball, is STILL going on.   

I have previously ranted on this subject to no avail.  My pleas to David Stern and Gary Bettman have fallen on deaf ears.  I get it.  Money talks and bullshit sits in front on a computer and blogs about how the season is too long.

O.W. Shadduck was right, "Every time I say it’s a game, you say it’s a business. Every time I say it’s a business, you say it’s a game."  North Dallas Forty.

Yes, money is the most important part of this story.  As it is with any sport.  With that in mind, check out the bogus accounting involved with the Predators and this dust-up with the Metro Council.  They can’t even come to an agreement with Metro about the net worth of the team.  Give Metro some credit for at least appearing to give a shit about the taxpayer.

A few weeks ago, News Channel 5’s website showed an unusual insight regarding how the taxpayers get hosed in order to line the pockets of a short-fingered Texas vulgarian

Coliseum Has A New Name
Metro Council Prepares For Disaster


For further reading, see:  Field of Schemes : How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit.


5 Responses to “Please Go Back On Strike”

  1. saraclark Says:

    Do you just not like hockey or is that a part of a greater rant?The Carolina Hurricanes’ Stanley Cup win is a prime example of Bettman’s plan for the new NHL. A small Southern, nontraditional market for Hockey and they won it all. I’m sorry if you didn’t know who they were, but last night, and really for the whole series, they played consistent, excellent, world class hockey in a way that we are still only getting flashes of from the Preds.The article from last week’s SI noted that this was a series between the 2nd smallest US market team against the smallest Canadian market team. I like the fact that it wasn’t just the same old Original 6 overpriced behemoths fighting it out again.Also Royal Canadian Bank(RBC Center) is based out of Raleigh and I bet a lot of Canadian transplants loved just getting to see a Stanley Cup Game no matter who was playing.

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    I have no problem with hockey per se. I think the season goes on for at least two months longer than it should. People lose interest in a winter sport during the summer. They should also get rid of the seven game playoff series. The same goes for the NBA. Bettman and Stern should realize that less is more. Make the playoffs shorter and more exciting, the ratings will rise and interest will grow. Look at the NCAA Basketball tournament. People who don’t give a shit about college basketball get worked up about filling out their brackets and follow the games. Run the pro hockey and basketball championship like that, single elimination, and you will have a successful television model. And we all know, TV revenue is what puts the puck on the ice.

  3. saraclark Says:

    I could buy into that. The long season is just brutal, physically on the players. During the playoffs you can watch them thin down and get that hollow-eyed exhausted look.The difference between the pre-season photo and Stanley Cup photo for some of these guys makes them look like anti-drug campaigns.Also after a 42 home game season, I get burnout as a fan. I can’t imagine progressively cranking it up another notch for 8 more weeks.

  4. sgazzetti Says:

    I prefer "Field of Screams".

  5. newton Says:

    5 game series are a joke. keep them at 7 games, maybe cut the season by 10 games, and accept the fact that, once every olympic year you’re gonna have the playoffs go until late spring instead of midspring.cutting the season to 72 (or so) games would shave off a couple of weeks, plus keep the players basically one & a half playoff series fresher. it would also make it easier for full season ticket holders like myself to justify the extra dough for the nashville predators’ long, long playoff run…

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