A Genius in France



 Back in the late Eighties/early Nineties, there was no funnier magazine than SPY.

To this day, I can’t see Donald Trump without thinking of SPY’s frequent Trump epithet "short-fingered vulgarian."  Neither can Martha Stewart as of late.

As a footnote to the current Jack Abramoff scandal.  There is a connection to one of the great articles from SPY’s glory years.  It concerned Jerry Lewis.  Specifically, it was about Jerry’s abortive attempt to film the story of a clown who led the children to the gas chamber.  The never seen film was called The Day The Clown Cried. The article with accompanying illustrations can be found here.  Evidently, Hollywood Jack wanted to produce another version of that peculiar cinematic achievement.

The most chilling sentence in the whole SPY piece was the closing one. "The script is said to be in the hands of Robin Williams."  Robin never got to work with Abramoff, as far as we know.  It is also unclear as to the efficacy Patch Adams in lieu of Zyklon B.  Of course it does explain where we got the cloying pantload known as Jakob The LiarOr at least where we got that goddamn Roberto Bengini.

Abramoff is certainly guilty of ubridled graft and corruption of the political process.  But when it comes to manipulative, saccharin-coated Holocaust movies, the blame must be squarely seated upon the horrific, grease-painted visage of Jerry Lewis. 




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