A Noble Spirit Embiggens The Smallest Man


 You can’t cure poverty by giving people money.–P.J. O’Rourke,  A Parliament of Whores

Here’s an interesting article about Libertarianism and Poverty.  It talks about both the Class Oppression version as well as the Pathology version.  Or as they are better known, "It’s YOUR Fault I’m Poor" and "It’s YOUR OWN Damn Fault You’re Poor."  Fortunately, the author takes the middle way.  Or, unfortunately, if you are looking to vent your spleen.

I find it interesting that in the Class Oppression part, he discusses as a thought experiment, taking the richest 20% of the country, making them leave their wealth, and shipping them off to Aynrandistan as a way to get rid of the oppressor-hoarders who are keeping the poor man down.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to send the bottom 20% off to Freedonia?  Just a thought.




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