Bite-Sized Snacks


KO goes after BO.  Keith does a fine job of channeling Murrow while excoriating O’Reilly over yet another reason why BO needs to shut up and go away.

Neal Boortz on gay marriage and the President’s shameless pandering waste of time speech this afternoon. 

Has this teacher fucking thingy officially become an epidemic?  Were kids back in my day a little more discreet?  Is this what we get with a 24-hour news cycle based on ratings driven scandals and missing blonde girls?  Will the chick in this story be played by Bridgett Fonda in the Lifetime Movie?  The goddamn Letourneau broad who kicked off this Hot Teacher Mania, is on the TV right now.  Have we not passed the point of "who gives a shit" with this woman and her hula boy husband yet?  TV Squad has the fine details about this train wreck.

I know a secret about a Nashville publication’s top spot.  Ooops, a secret no more, apparently.  Were it not for all the booze and the non-disclosure agreement I signed on a cocktail napkin, I would have broke this news on Friday. 

Never turn your back on a thespian. 

On a related topic for people who giggle when they hear the word "thespian", Batwoman is now a lesbian.  Which is pretty funny when you think about the whole reason for her existence was to provide Batman some hetero-style lovin’.  Back in the Fifties, a head shrinker named Dr. Fredric Wertham cranked out a book that claimed that comics were turning kids into juvenile delinquents.  Among his other dubious claims were that Batman and Robin were totally gay.  He wasn’t talking about the movie Batman & Robin, which everyone knows is totally gay.   Wonder Woman could not be reached for comment.


5 Responses to “Bite-Sized Snacks”

  1. Exador Says:

    You read a bunch of comics, and you turned out ok, right?

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    Well, I didn’t score with any teachers, if that’s what you mean. Although they all looked like runaways from the old folks home and Chris Farley in drag. So, I dodged that bullet, which ironically is the sort of thing that happens in comic books.

  3. Katherine Coble Says:

    Bat Man & Robin ARE totally gay.

  4. Sarcastro Says:

    Don’t worry Kat, they won’t get married in your church.

  5. Katherine Coble Says:

    As we lack a belfry, I’m sure they’d have no desire to.

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