Medal of Honor Campaign


For those of you who spent the weekend watching all or part of the Band of Brothers Marathon on History Channel, here is an opportunity to do your part.

Major Richard Winters, portrayed by Damian Lewis, was recommended for the Medal of Honor for his actions at Brecourt Manor.  As mentioned in the miniseries, it was a textbook example of small unit tactics and is taught today at the military academies and to ROTC cadets.  Valuable intel,  in the form of German maps detailing machine gun and artillery positions, were also found by then Lt. Winters during this assault.  These maps saved countless American lives during the Normandy campaign.  His original recommendation for the award was downgraded to the Distinguished Service Cross.  Compare that to Dugout Doug MacArthur, who got the MOH for failing to adequately defend the Phillipines and leaving thousands of American soldiers to the tender mercies of the Imperial Japanese Army.  After playing bridge in Australia for a few years, he waded ashore at Leyte Island.  He should have faced court-martial, rather than recieving the nation’s highest decoration.

Major Winters is in the twilight of his years like most of the WWII generation.   The time to honor him, and by extension, all of Easy Company is now.  Instead of giving bloggy lip service, we can all do something for this fine man who exemplifies all that we know is good and true about the American Soldier.

Sign this online petition.  

It is the least you can do. 




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