Generation of Swine


I really dig the lenticular cover of Rolling Stone’s 1000th issue.

0505w_rolling_stone_narrowweb__300x3950.jpgAs for the interior of the magazine, not so much.  Is auto-hagiography a word?  There are some great photos from such renowned artistes as Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger and Herb Ritts.  Some of the truly iconic images of our times are on display.

However, the copy inside generally sucks balls.  In fact, it is so smug and self-congratulatory it sucks its own balls.  Which if you know anything about Jann Wenner, is probably intentional. 

Slate had this to say:  But like birthday parties thrown by the birthday boy, anniversary issues tend to overindulge the honoree. Rolling Stone‘s self-regard—never small to begin with—gets amplified on every page: the gallery of famous Rolling Stone covers in the 1,000th issue, former staff photographer Annie Leibovitz’s special memories, and other admiring looks back. Rolling Stone last paid tribute to itself three years ago, making the current issue as significant an event as the Golden Globe Awards. Will the magazine dare produce a 40th-anniversary issue two years hence? Need you ask?

There are many glaring examples to cull from in regard to the fawning coverage of RS favorites.  The best two are the eye-rollingly suck up reviews of Neil Young and Paul Simon’s latest efforts.  Without a touch of irony, RS trumpets Young’s new anti-Bush screed as being brave and courageous.  Nothing like hopping on the bandwagon with 60% of the population in order to appear brave and courageous, Neil.  The magazine also points out that  Young the Canadian demands that "We need a new leader."  And in a brilliant spin move, pre-empts any pointing out of that, by labeling critics as "right wing foghorns".

Simon, as another Wenner familiar, gets a glowing review for yet another record no one will buy.  The reviewer muses about why the collaboration with Brian Eno didn’t happen thirty years ago.  Because the little bald guy was still making decent music back then, that’s why. 

Rolling Stone has been a corporate media whore for about twenty five years now.  There is nothing wrong with that, unless you are posturing yourself as the Pied Piper for Youth Culture.   Sorry Jann, you are no longer leading anything but the fulfillment of your own appetites and smug self-satisfaction. 

On the other hand, if it weren’t for the back pages of RS, I wouldn’t be an ordained minister


3 Responses to “Generation of Swine”

  1. Exador Says:

    Don’t tell me this surprises anyone. Rolling Stone has sucked giant gopher balls since…well, for as long as I could read, at least.A bunch of aging hippie narcissists rubbing their growing, pachouli-stinking bellies together, repeating the montra, "You’re SO great. No, YOU’RE so great".RETCH!

  2. r.l.camino Says:

    I am also ordained by the ULC and have been for seven years now. I think I’m on the verge of finally having someone let me officiate their wedding, but they keep pushing back the date.

  3. Staff Sergeant Campbell Says:

    Ever’body into the Wo’f Den!

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