What Time Does The World Explode?


There are some things I just don’t like because they are plainly not my thing.  Ballet comes to mind.  Yeah, these performers are dedicated and in fantastic shape, and all that crap.  Interpretive dance just doesn’t do it for me, okay?  I like opera, can’t stand the ballet.

Spoken word/poetry night events usually go firmly in the "Ballet" category.  It usually seems to be horribly self-indulgent flotsam that you would expect from a misunderstood thirteen year old girl or from the lyrics of a Creed record. 

There is no promise of wealth, happiness, sex or free booze that could get me off the couch to go see one of these circle jerks.

Except I would have paid good coin to see this one.  Kevin Smith held one at his house as a fundraiser for his kid’s school.  Jeffery Tambor, Stan Lee, Johnny Rotten, Carrie Fisher and (?) Eva Longoria were among those that got up and did their thing.  The mind reels.

Maybe I’m wrong about the lameness of Spoken Word/Poetry nights, but I doubt it.  Talent and success is somehow able to hide a multitude of sins.  The Starbucks employee and the aspiring rapper probably don’t have the writing and performing chops of say,  Finesse Mitchell and Eddie Izzard.  

Oh, and go see Clerks II



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