Twice The Speed of Sound


There was a demon that lived in the air. They said whoever challenged him would die. Their controls would freeze up, their planes would buffet wildly, and they would disintegrate. The demon lived at Mach 1 on the meter, seven hundred and fifty miles an hour, where the air could no longer move out of the way. He lived behind a barrier through which they said no man could ever pass. They called it the sound barrier.  The Right Stuff

Right down the road from Mt. Sarcastro is the town of Ranger, Georgia.  Last night, it became the place where Scott Crossfield looked that ‘ol demon in the eye and pushed his final envelope.

Ambulance Driver:  Is that a man?
Jack Ridley:  You damn right it is! 


One Response to “Twice The Speed of Sound”

  1. Exador Says:

    May we all be so lucky as to die at 84, doing what we love.

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