The Long Good Friday


I’d tell you who made this, but the Scene might get him fired, too.

crucifixion copy.jpg 

 If only we could find a picture of  John Spragens with a hammer in his hand or at the very least, Liz Garrigan washing her’s.

B-Ho should be able to, ahem, rise from the dead by the end of the weekend.

With all the grief this guy is taking, you would think he was this other Bill Hobbs


6 Responses to “The Long Good Friday”

  1. newscoma Says:

    that’s pretty funny. Apparently all the Hobbs of the world are having a bad good friday

  2. Katherine Coble Says:

    But just think. If he WERE that other Bill Hobbs, then Mike Kopp would really have been justified in protecting the smiling and waving children of his neighborhood.

  3. Don Stadler Says:

    A pic of Caiaphas which the head of the President of Belmont U pasted on would also be appropriate, I think…..

  4. Katherine Coble Says:

    I’ll dig through my stash of easily-recognisable and totemic depictions of Caiaphas.

  5. Don Stadler Says:

    After seeing this picture the first thing that came to mind was <i>Jesus Christ, Superstar</i>. There is a scene which opens with an oily-sounding priest singing:<i>Good Caiaphas the Council waits for youThe Pharisees and Priests are here for you</i>While I doubt that BH=JC, the resemblance between Belmont and the Pharisees is more than a passing one this Easter weekend…. 😉

  6. Don Stadler Says:

    Here are a couple of Caiphas pic links:

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