Ay Cabron! Donde Esta Mi Coche?


Listening to the President right now ripping off my comments from the other day.  He just said, "We are a nation of laws and need to be able to enforce our borders."  If the White House staff has to stoop to lifting the stuff that I’ve lifted off of other websites and other people’s quotes, we are in deeper trouble than I thought.  As an observation from the last couple of Bush speeches, let me say this.  G.W., ol’ buddy, you HAVE to work on your delivery.  Your predecessor was a master at saying either nothing of value or just out and out bald face lies, yet he made it sound like it was from God’s Own Daytimer to his fried foods loving mouth.  Bush, on the other hand, could be talking about the wetness of water or the hotness of fire and still sound like he’s making up an alibi to tell his parents after getting brought home by the cops. 

Be that all as it may.  Here’s my spin on the little fiesta going on downtown today.  Unlike other minority and special interest groups.  The Hispanics are doing their’s after work.  That’s right, they make sure they put in 8 hours before going out for a flag waving stroll.  Despise and fear the immigrants if you wish, but don’t knock their work ethic.  Be it TennCare protestors or welfare queens or the horn honking taxtards or Mothers Against Irish Drivers or both sides of the abortion debate or those dumbass Not in Our Name broads, they all seem to have one thing in common.  Nothing better to do in the middle of the day than complain.   Not the Amigos.  They have the decency to wait until after rush hour has subsided and the courtesy to finish their chores first.  Who would you rather have as a neighbor or employee?

So I’m going to support Mr. Bush’s Immigration Plan.  Or should we call it The Bush-Wage Plan as CW has nodded his assent to the spirit of compromise?

But I have to wonder.  How many of the marchers know who’s side they are on?  How many have been told what the difference is between the House’s plan, the Senate Plan and the White House Plan?  Many of the interviewees from the last few marches and school walkouts have shown little to no understanding of the actual issue other than "They want to send all Mexicans back home".

I don’t know how many people will march tonight and I really don’t care.  My plans this evening don’t include being anywhere near downtown.    But if you see any of my employees there tonight, tell them I’ll see them on the jobsite tomorrow morning at seven sharp. 


3 Responses to “Ay Cabron! Donde Esta Mi Coche?”

  1. Exador Says:

    Wear the new T-shirt I got you, as a show of solidarity with the Amigos.

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    I’m thinking of giving it to one of my Amigos that speaks absolutely no Ingles. They are constantly wearing hand me downs and Goodwill shirts emblazoned with phrases that they have no idea what it says. Let him wear it on a jobsite and watch the fun.

  3. Exador Says:

    You are letting the terrorists win.

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