2006 Spring Purification Week 1


Last Monday was the kick-off for this year’s Spring Purification.  It started out four years ago as a bet between a few friends to see who could NOT drink for a pre-determined six week period.  I lost the first year when I absent-mindedly ordered a beer at the West Nashville driving range because they were out of sports drinks. 

Every year since, we have spent the period between St. Paddy’s and Mexican St. Paddy’s more or less booze free.  It works for overall health reasons, willpower confirmation, getting stuff done around the house and keeping the booze gut down.  Well, temporarily keeping the booze gut down.

This year’s edition is going pretty well.  I also try to quit smoking during Spring Purification.  Let’s just say the no booze is going better than no smokes.  Despite the cravings for a cold, frosty adult beverages I haven’t slipped yet.  The no smoking bit lasted little more than 48 hours before work related stress made me run like my hair was on fire for the nearest nicotine emporium for a pack of blessed cancer sticks.

We’ll give that another try later.  Like maybe when I win the lottery and no longer have work related stress as an excuse.


3 Responses to “2006 Spring Purification Week 1”

  1. Tara Says:

    You got it down for the last 2 years….Best of luck my dear….

  2. smantix Says:


  3. Knucklehead Says:

    On this bet, I would be like Kramer in the "Master of My Domain" episode. I’d slap my money down,say "I’m out!" and go get a sixer.

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