My Cat Told Me To Kill You


Not that this will come as a shock to anyone, but I have always hated Garfield.  Hate may not be a strong enough word.  I hate Garfield as much, if not more than I hate Cathy.  That’s some powerful hate.  I would rather watch a church burn than read a Garfield collection.  Correction:  I would rather watch the kids from The Family Circus* burn a church than read a Garfield collection.

Well, go get some charcoal and lighter fluid, Jeffy and PJ.  Because this may be the best thing I have read all week.  If you take out Garfield’s thought balloons, the strip becomes almost readable.  The tone changes considerably and you wonder how long before Jon winds up walking into work with an assault rifle.   Read all about his descent into madness here.

 *Spy Magazine said it best years ago, "Ghosts of dead grandparents extolling Eisenhower-era virtues".  If that doesn’t warp a kid, what would?



5 Responses to “My Cat Told Me To Kill You”

  1. sgazzetti Says:

    I just need a little clarification: do you hate Garfield because he was on the electoral commission that handed the 1876 election to Rutherford B. Hayes, or because he beat Winfield Scott Hancock like a drum in 1880?

  2. sgazzetti Says:

    Now that that obvious attempted joke is out of the way, be sure you’ve seen this: your distaste for Cathy. Though you’ve probably already seen it, it bears rereading on a quarterly basis.

  3. TV Says:

    Everybody knows that the comic strip "Nancy" is about as funny as cancer.

  4. Peptodismal Says:

    Nancy isn’t funny, but Aunt Fritz is a hottie, and she gets hotter and hipper each year – hide and watch. Meanwhile, Sluggo and Nancy just compare their bad hair problems like they always have.

  5. Sarcastro Says:

    I fully believe the Nancy artists intentionally make Aunt Fritzie hotter than Chinese Mustard. Until recently she looked like a Vargas girl. The syndicator probably made them tone her down.

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