Girl’s School Confidential


Todd A forwarded me a copy of his novel Being Good the other day.  As honored as I was to be bestowed such an, uh, honor, in the back of my mind the little voice wondered "What sort of lame shit is this going to be?"  Let me tell you, dear readers, not lame shit at all.  Pretty damn good shit.

Kitty Coble has a review here which sort of scratches the surface of the plot and gives those who don’t like their stories a little bawdy and ribald an excuse not to read it.  Those particular elements of the story however, aren’t the main ingredients, but rather the seasoning of this fine literary meal.  I will throw in a few keywords that should pique the interest of the intended audience (diners):


Strip Bars

Private Girls School

Faculty Lounge Politics

Goat Rodeos 

What I admire about the book is an identification with Slav O’Se, the not so humble narrator.  He is a fully three dimensional character and will remind the reader of someone they know in their life.  Slav is a great and noble bastard, like many of us.  He is an reliable unreliable narrator in the tradition of Holden Caufield, Patrick Bateman, and Tyler Durden’s alter ego Jack.

It is a short read, clocking in at around 160 pages.  Perfect for reading in the car on a trip from Nashville to Atlanta, the setting of this amusing tale.  By the time you finish the book and cross over I-285, you will have a thirst for not only some good beer, but a little fun. 


4 Responses to “Girl’s School Confidential”

  1. TV Says:

    I got to meet Emmylou Harris today. Ha ha!

  2. Huck Says:


  3. Sarcastro Says:

    Yeah, how? Start talkin’Fruity, or we will make you look at napkin cooters until you break.

  4. TV Says:

    I’m a lowly Music Row intern lackey. That’s how.

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