A Shakedown By Any Other Name


Metro Council’s Black Caucus showed their true colors the other night.  That color would be green.  As in how to turn black into green.  By playing the race card at the last minute, the race pigs are trying to get their snouts in the money trough. 

The Sounds deal may or may not be good for the Nashville taxpayer.  That isn’t really the concern of the Black Caucus.  Their concern is how they are going to profit from this project by leveraging their votes for  cash.  With that cash finding a route into their very pockets.

There are already minority owned firms working on this project, and not as janitors and beer sellers.  So why the hoopla about minority set-asides?  Why is it so important for the Black Caucus to make sure firms owned by don’t white women get a piece of the pie?  And let’s be honest, when they use phrases like "minority participation", they don’t mean that in the plural sense.  They aren’t making this racket on behalf of the Hispanics and Asians.   I guess their minority participation will be in the form of players from Cuba and Japan.

See, the black owned civil engineering and land surveying firm, the black owned facility planning and project management firm, and the black owned public relations firm don’t have to kick anything back to the race warlords.  So, naturally, that isn’t good enough for the Black Caucus.

A source close to the Sounds told me this story.  A few years ago, an athletic league in a predominately black part of town wanted the Sounds to be involved in teaching the youngsters about baseball.  The Sounds agreed to provide equipment and uniforms for free.  The representative of the group said, "We need $20,000."   The Sounds said that they were providing everything that the kids would need.  The representative replied, "Yes, we will take it.  You still need to give us $20,000."  That man, is of course, a member of Metro Council.



One Response to “A Shakedown By Any Other Name”

  1. Exador Says:

    How coincidental. We currently have the federal racketeering trial of former mayor Bill Campbell going on here in Atlanta.As you may recall, one of his favorite scams went thusly:Insist on the city only doing business with minority owned contractors. (and by that we mean black, even though they are the majority demographic in Atlanta)For all those companies that don’t qualify, offer up a black man, who happens to be a close friend of the mayor, to pretend to be the owner of your company for a considerable salary and sign-on bonus.Accept the invitation from your now-president friend for a gambling weekend in Biloxi.Don’t report your considerable "winnings" at the blackjack tables.

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