Lonely Avenue


The Arcade on Saturday Morning.  Right before I took this, a crackhead with huge clumps of dried spittle in the corners of his mouth, who is just out of frame, started screaming for me not to take his picture.   Last time someone took his picture "They tried to frame me for murder!"



3 Responses to “Lonely Avenue”

  1. jag Says:

    It amazes me how many people have lived in Nashville for years and have never known that the Arcade existed.Crackheads are awesome, don’t you think?

  2. Rex L. Camino Says:

    Seriously, I just don’t like having my picture taken.

  3. Short and Fat Says:

    Ah, the arcade. A few years ago, 92.9 would come out every Wednesday (or Tues) and give away ice cream sandwiches over the summer. I am not very smart and would always forget. Yet, the same luck that protects drunks and fools always led me to the Arcade at the right time on the right day of the week.MMMmmm, free ice cream sandwiches.

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