I’m In Good Company




Other People Who Will Turn 40 This Year 

Michael Imperioli

Rob Zombie 

Patrick Dempsey 

Cindy Crawford  Good thing there isn’t a cult where Cindy commands a human sacrifice.  Or you would all be dead.

Billy Zane

Tom Glavine  Future Hall of Famer 

Greg Maddux  Another Future Hall of Famer 

John Daly  My Golfing Idol 

Moises Alou 

JJ Abrams  He created Lost.  What more can someone do to drive you insane with a story that has no end? 

Troy Aikman  I think we all know what his secret deal is. 

Dean Cain  Aren’t ya glad you dumped that crazy Mindy McCready when you did? 

Christy Canyon  She is a Classic .

Halle Barry  She’s a Classic, too but at least Christy Canyon never had to fuck Billy Bob Thornton. 

Deana Carter  She’s a friend of a friend.  I wish I could eliminate that friend. 

Nikki Charm  She sure seems familiar somehow. 

John Cusack  Thanks to Say Anything, he has ruined an entire generation of women for the rest of us.  Thanks, Johnny. 

Embeth Davidtz  She was in both Army of Darkness and Schindler’s List.  Not many people can say that. 

Donna Edmondson  One of my favorite Playmates of all time.  Call me, babe. 

Alison Doody  Definitely the hottest broad to appear in an Indiana Jones movie. 

Jay Farrar  The depressing half of Uncle Tupelo. 

Jon Favreau  He’s so money and he doesn’t even know it. 

Ben Folds  Local musician who local bloggers wet themselves over when they see him buying coffee or groceries.

Daisy Fuentes  Be quiet, I’m thinking of Daisy Fuentes.  Ahhh.  That’ll do the trick. 

Bill Goldberg 

Salma Hayek   So beautiful it hurts.

Jeff Healey  It was all downhill after Roadhouse, wasn’t it Jeff? 

Janet Jackson  Not so crazy as the rest of the family, but crazy enough that you would want a signed waiver before letting her eat crackers in your bed. 

Elke Jeinsen  Ahhh, the memories come flooding back. 

Tylyn John The hits keep coming. 

David Justice  Was married to Halle Berry.  No other accomplishments of note. 

Keisha  Another porn chick, I know. 

Jason Scott Lee  Kurt Russell totally kicked your ass in Soldier. 

Tea Leoni  Dump that no talent Duchovny.

Donal Logue  Tao of Steve, bitches. 

Sophie Marceau  Braveheart and a Bond picture.  She is hot in any century. 

Billy Mayfair  This albino looks like he is sixty. 

Jack McDowell 

 Cynthia Nixon  Part time lesbian.

Neil O’Donnell  Local sportcaster.  Apparently played pro-football at one time. 

Jose Maria Olazabal  Goofy golfer with a goofy Castillian pronunciation. 

Mike Remlinger  Another Braves pitcher.  This one won’t be in the Hall of Fame. 

Andy Richter  One of the greatest second bananas of all time. 

Bill Romanowski  Oh, those steroids. 

Darius Rucker  Your name is Hootie, live with it. 

Adam Sandler  You get paid what?  For what? 

Curt Schilling  Yet another Hall of Fame pitcher. 

David Schwimmer  Hall of Fame Dork. 

Kiefer Sutherland  This guy saves the world every television season or so. 

Heidi Swedberg  She was engaged to George Costanza.  Isn’t that enough? 

Tone Loc  Funky Cold Medina, Yo. 

Mike Tyson  Sure he talks funny, but the ladies love him. 

Jean Van de Velde  French choker. 

Jill Whelan  Fat girl from Love Boat

Lee Ann Womack  Short girl.  Big tits. Nice voice. 

Ickey Woods  Started a dance craze that is still popular to this day. 

Robin Wright Penn  Hot, but married Sean Penn.  Clearly has issues. 


3 Responses to “I’m In Good Company”

  1. Exador Says:

    Hey, if that makes you feel better, grampa, go for it.Tell me again about the war, and those crazy flappers. They were the bees knees.Happy Birthday. I’ll pray for your Johnson.

  2. Katherine Coble Says:

    She doesn’t look too bad now. http://www.scottstander.com/Personalities/jill_whelan.html

  3. Nashville Knucklehead Says:

    I thought Diane Lane, so I looked her up. She’ll be 41. Tomorrow. I think of Diane Lane naked when my swing gets too fast. Seriously.Don’t forget Jose Maria’s secret deal.

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