In Memoriam


A lot of good folks left us this past year.  No, I don’t mean victims of natural disasters, soldiers and civilians in war-torn corners of the globe, or celebrities whose stars have shone brightly then faded to black.  Well, maybe a form of local celebrity is what I mean.  There have been some folks who have shuffled off the blogger coil and gone to join the choir of commenters invisible.

Mr. Roboto of Thursday Night Fever:  He is a class act and still appears on the web every now and again.  Personal and professional obligations put him off blogging about the Nashville nightlife (for now).  So his site is down, but hopefully not out.  The people he entrusted the TNF franchise with failed him and failed us all.

Jon Jackson of Crap and Drivel:  This guy who I’ve never met got me into blogging.   I would comment here and there, but needed to figure out how I could set up my own site and such.  I came across Jon’s rants and immediately knew what needed to be done.  His stuff was so good and funny and raw that I got to be envious of his talents.  He was fearless in his scathing commentaries about everyday life.  Whether he was in the office, sitting at home or going out to grab a beer, there was always amazingly hilarious material that he could mine from that daily mundane existence.  Aunt B and I have discussed starting a Jon Jackson creative writing contest.  It would be like those Bad Hemingway or Faux Faulkner contests.   But, with Jon’s site down, we don’t have many good example of his stuff lying around.  Maybe there is some Jacksonian gold buried at the NiT archives.

The Saucy Librarian:  Some say she got married, others say she still haunts the periodicals section.  Whatever became of her, she is missed.  Plus, there is just something hot about the librarian looking chicks.  Like Caroline Munro in that Adam Ant video.

Huck of What The F…Huck? :  My man, you haven’t posted since early November.  What kind of shit is that?   Sure you are busy with work and the family and all, but damn.

Pith In The Wind:  Yes, technically they are still a going concern.  But there isn’t a lot of anything worth reading,  recently.  Roger Abramson rarely posts anything anymore.  Bruce Barry will post maybe one thing a day.  Anyone remember when PITW was the place to get into a good discussion about several different topics at once?  It seems to have degenerated into a pit of name calling and flame wars about polarized politics and boring wonky talk.   Not that I would know anything about such rude behavior.  Nashville is Talking has picked up a lot of the slack.  It is kind of sad that we can’t have two healthy forums for topical conversation in this town. 

Damn, I know I’m leaving someone out.  


6 Responses to “In Memoriam”

  1. Chris Wage Says:

    Mmmikey at <a href="">who you talkin at</a> also departed to the google archives in the sky..

  2. brittney Says:

    I used to really enjoy Pith in the Wind, but recently it has been nearly unreadable. The posts have been pretty stale and the comments section has denegrated into sophomoric dick-swinging.For an alt-weekly with some very good writers, I regularly fail to see much good writing at Pith in the Wind.

  3. Sarcastro Says:

    It seems clear that the writers at the Scene are reticent to ply their trade for free. These folks do write for a living, so why use the A-material on the blog when you can get paid for it to go in the paper instead?That plops the burden of coming up with good stuff everyday on Bruce’s lap. This isn’t a slam on Bruce but a lot of the topics he picks aren’t the kind of stuff to leap up off the page.

  4. Katherine Coble Says:

    I don’t know. I find Bruce’s Wonk Stuff riveting to the last.God only knows how I’ve made it thus far without updates on the Metro Council’s shenanigans.

  5. brittney Says:

    <i>These folks do write for a living, so why use the A-material on the blog when you can get paid for it to go in the paper instead?</i>No doubt. I certainly can’t blame them there.

  6. Nancilator Says:

    I know what you mean about Jon of Crap and Drivel fame. I’d never even seen a blog until a friend sent me a link to his. I thought I’d pee my pants. Forwarded it on to everyone I know, then started my own blog that I’ve sadly neglected of late. He changed my life! (said in an overly dramatic fashion)

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