Don’t You Have A Nun Bun To Find?


The busybodies who make it a point to mouthpiece for the Catholic Church have their shorts in a wad about the South Park episode a few weeks back.

Don’t you saps have anything better to do?  Like, for instance, raise some money to payoff all the kids who were molested by priests?   Isn’t there a war on Christmas you are trying to win?  Sure, sometimes you need to take a break from counting money, following Jesus’ teachings to get worked up about a cartoon on basic cable.  But with all the exorcism of demons in little girls and pictures of Jesus in the bottom of nacho cheese pans, I just don’t see how you have the time or the energy.  The Lord must be giving you strength.  Because he sure didn’t give you brains.

Sometimes, things are funny because they are true. 



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