Get Your Boot Off My Windpipe, Mom


The Iron Fist of the Matriarchy has cracked down on all Christmas blogging activities.  After the Thanksgiving write up, she is none too keen on the family being portrayed like a "pack of rednecks"*.  The Iron Remote Control of the Patriarchy, as always, remains indifferent.

Although, installing the Patriarchy’s new plasma TV turned into a Mexican standoff, as he and I argued for forty-five minutes about where all the wires in the back plug into.  After reading the poorly written instructions a few times and trying to figure out what sort of Soviet-era space program Dad learned audio/visual installation from, he finally relented and agreed to hook up the TV as I suggested.  It was a radical idea to plug the wire from the satellite receiver into the plug designed for it, and the three RCA cables into the space marked "three RCA cables", but such huge risks usually pay off for me.

So the TV looks great and I can’t wait to go through this again when the High Definition Satellite receiver shows up and we have new cables and connections to fight over. 

*actual quote. 


4 Responses to “Get Your Boot Off My Windpipe, Mom”

  1. Short and Fat Says:

    Dear Mother Sarcastro,Nothing Sarcastro writes could possibly cause me to think less of him or his family.Sincerely,S&F

  2. Exador Says:

    Dear Mumsy,Let him blog, or I’ll post those pictures on my blog.You know the ones of which I speak.

  3. john h Says:

    aw damn..i was counting on a sarcastro family christmas wrap-rap..Christmas with the Krunks would even suck on LCD plasma DLP HD Japanese-sensurround 5 tv tuners into the future…

  4. Exador Says:

    Is it a <i>pack</i> of rednecks?How about a herd? A gaggle? A parliament? A murder?

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