Just Because


Today is the anniversary of the 1989 Invasion of Panama, known by its nom de guerre as Just Cause.  Who can forget where they were on that fateful day?  I was at the USO lounge in the St. Louis airport.  I had just graduated from basic training and was going home for the holidays.  After a hellishly long bus trip from Ft. Leonard Wood, we arrived to find the nitwits at the Today show blathering on about the invasion.  This was a fine way to start my military service. 

Several of the dopier members of our traveling contingent wondered aloud, "Do ya think we might have to go to Panama now?"

"No," I replied. "It is OUR destiny to die on the plains of Armageddon, near the Euphrates River.  So shut up until your flight is ready to depart."

Now sixteen years later, imagine my disappointment of never seeing either Panama or the End Times.   And if Manuel Noriega is looking for work after he gets out of prison, I could use a good supervisor with Spanish speaking skills.



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