News You Can’t Use


Here is a story that you will probably only get here.  None of the local media outlets have seen fit to cover it. 

A local woman was beaten by her son.  The son is over eighteen and just got out of jail on drug charges.  Apparently, he wanted some money and she wouldn’t give him any.  So, he broke her leg in three places, smashed a lamp over her head and stole her car.  The police arrived and took statements.  She was taken to the hospital, treated and released.  The son was found in a nearby motel and arrested.

The next day, the mother died.  Ostensibly from injuries sustained in the beating, though the coroner’s report has yet to verify that.  The son got his charges amped up to murder.  He did have the audacity to ask his father* and other family members to get some money to bond him out.  He wanted to go to Mama’s funeral.

It is a sad story  Probably an all too common one.  Maybe that is why it has been ignored by our fine local media.  Let’s see what stories that made the news today:

Channel 2–Trash May Become Treasure In Rutherford County   So they found oil under a trailer park?

Channel 4–Oprah’s 2005 Favorite Things   I bet being richer than God is one of them.

Channel 5–Downtown Businesses Vote "Yes" To New Sounds Stadium   Boy, I bet that one was close.  Who would think that downtown businesses would be in favor of something that will bring people downtown?

Channel 17–Do They Even Have News? 

How ’bout the print media?

Tennessean–Police Name Those Hurt In Fight Near Strip Club   My favorite has to be Justin Butts.  Is that a porn name or what?

City Paper–Holiday Traffic To Be Heavy   Any other news from the no-shit department, kids?


Before you say "But you just cherry-picked the dumb headlines."  Well, it is my blog.  I get to do that. 

*I work with this guy on one of the job sites.  The son worked there for a couple of days last week.  


7 Responses to “News You Can’t Use”

  1. jag Says:

    That’s just terrible. I have a picture of the son now, and undortunately, can think of quite a few people that are just like him. Not having killed their mother, but who feel no consequence will come to them. Idiots.

  2. brittney Says:

    Wow. This is the first I’d heard of this.

  3. Sarcastro Says:

    Admittedly, this isn’t, nor should it be, "Tonight’s Top Story" with all three news stations doing live remotes. But you would think a two paragraph blurb in our pathetic daily newspaper’s Local section wouldn’t be too much to ask.I’m now thinking that with the grief the family is going through right now, maybe some anonymity is a good thing.

  4. brittney Says:

    How did you hear of this if no one is reporting it?

  5. Sarcastro Says:

    I know the husband of the victim/father of the perp. He works on a jobsite with me. See notation above.

  6. john h. Says:

    hey..the fight in the strip club as reported on what passes for news on local Fox was way more interesting than this….You’d think at least one news ‘organ’ woulda picked up this story. The City Paper, back when it actually had more than 10 pages might have run this story.

  7. Sarcastro Says:

    Note the story in this week’s Scene where the Shitty Paper has ‘right-sized’ about 40% of the editorial staff. When they started, they had a great staff of reporters who were plugged in to the local news. Many times they were scooping the Tennessean with local stories. Now they just regurgitate whatever is on broadcast news and reprint stuff off the wires.

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