“Yer Doin’ A Heck Of A Job, Chirackie”


In what can only be described as a glacially quick move on the part of the French government, curfews have been declared, police reserves have been called up and shoulders have been shrugged in response to the Twelve Days of Rioting (On the First Day of Rioting, my Mullah gave to me…) that have plagued the crappier neighborhoods of France.

In an informal study of news coverage pertaining to this story, the average mention of the who part of the basic interrogatives shows up around the fifth paragraph.   Whaddya know, dem youts is Muslim youts.

 From Boortz

France, in case you cared, is home to Europe’s largest Muslim community. Sixty million French, and about 10% of them are Muslims.  For the past five years these Muslims in France have been confining their attacks to synagogues, Jewish schools and other symbols of Judaism.  Officials didn’t seem to get all that worked up over the attacks as long as Jews and Jewish institutions were the target.  Now the attacks have spread beyond Jewish targets.  How many cities are under attack in France now?  Sixty? 

It’s not just France.  Mark Steyn writes in the Chicago Sun-Times that in Brussels Belgian police officers are advised not to be seen drinking coffee in public during Ramadan.  In some Swedish cities ambulance drivers will not go into Muslim areas without police escorts.

This isn’t the first time that France has been under attack by Muslims.  It happened before.   It happened in 732.  The French (amazingly) turned them back.  If they hadn’t, the entire history of the Western world might be very much different today.  If you want the details,   Read Steyn’s column..

 Here’s an idea, let’s send Michael Brown to France to help them coordinate their response.  He would work circles around those jerks.

Where is Vercingetorix when you need him?  Yeah, I know he lost, but at least he put up a better fight than his descendants have been able to muster for the last couple of hundred years.



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