Of Course They Were At Banana Joe’s…


I heard about these Carolina Panther Cheerleaders on the radio today.  The boys over at Six Meat Buffet have all the hi-larious details.

The only thing I can add is where is the video tech guy who rigged the Nashville Kat’s Cheerleader’s locker room when you need him? 


4 Responses to “Of Course They Were At Banana Joe’s…”

  1. smantix Says:

    You have to remember that all of this is simply “alleged”. Therefore, I cannot allege how hot the cheerleader toilet sex may or may not have been. I cannot imagine the drunken grasping on to a poorly screwed-in toilet paper roll and the lid of the seat for leverage or the last time the inappropriately named “Banana Joe’s” crack staff mopped down the floor. Or the desperate yanking down a co-worker’s flimsy unmentionables after a margarita soaked seduction in a fit of commodal lust. Well, at least I can’t imagine 2 out of 3 of them.All I do know is that if another woman got assaulted for interrupting, that the job remains incomplete.

  2. Peptodismal Says:

    Ok, I can’t resist – I tried, but to no avail…Two, four, six, eight,Hold it while we fornicate!and then,Hit’em aginHarder! Harder!

  3. Peptodismal Says:

    PIMF: Again

  4. Exador Says:

    Hey, I just read that Penthouse is offering the gals a “spread”.

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