Instant Sympathy


Welcome to the celebrated culture of Victimhood, kids.  Watch your step and keep your head and arms inside the vehicle at all times.   For those of you without victim status, here is your chance for a trauma to claim as your own.  Spice up your blog, your marriage and your existence with these fine folks.

 Those of you who saw the big chip on Shelby Lynne’s shoulder on that Outlaws deal on CMT and thought, "Hey, I need a horrible tragedy in my life so I can be that angry all the time!"  Well, here’s your chance.


3 Responses to “Instant Sympathy”

  1. john h. Says:

    God, that is wonderful. Somebody has put a LOT of work into this..I had such a boring childhood with those two loving parents and wonderful grandparents.God bless you for giving me the opportunity to fuck up my past to be more interesting tomorrow.

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    John,They put so much work into it, I had to convince myself it wasn’t a put-on. There are a couple of clues present that imply it is fake, but damn it is good.I would love to know the actual body count of people who contact them about making their lives a little more “dramatic”.

  3. john h Says:

    The picture of Dr. Thomas by itself makes this a great site. I ‘bought the bit’ for a few minutes myself.

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