Rally ‘Round The Flag, Boys


Last night was a nice quiet evening at home watching television.  Here lately, Thursday nights have been sort of dull for good TV viewing.  I haven’t checked out Smallville in some time, as the premise is starting to wear thin.  But here are two excellent reasons to watch that show.

506-05.jpg God Bless America.  And God Bless Erica Durance‘s parents.506-22.jpg


2 Responses to “Rally ‘Round The Flag, Boys”

  1. Aunt B. Says:

    Well, at least the folks at Smallville have found a way–temporarily, granted–to distract folks from the fact that she looks old enough to be Clark Kent’s mom.

  2. J.D. Says:

    Welcome to the fold. While no one on the show will ever be accused of having the super power known as “acting” that point seems irrelevant for some reason…

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