Bah! Humbug!


I’m hiding from the Halloweeners this year.  Last time I stayed home with a big bowl of candy, the little bastards didn’t show up.  It probably had to do with the Jesus Freaks screwing up a perfectly good holiday with their retard version of a philosophy that came out of a Book they haven’t actually read that much.  Or the kids who did show up were trucked in from outside the neighborhood, because they apparently don’t get enough sugar in their diets so they can grow up to be like their fat-assed parents sitting in the car waiting for Tiffany, Devon and Dakota to bring them the goodies.    It’s the circle of life, Simba.


I used to love Halloween.  We went to New Orleans twice for that big adult costume partythey hold every year on Bourbon Street.  What is that called again?  Oh, yeah, a weekday.  I even went to one of the Nashville Party deals (which is usually full of morons that I hate) on Demonbreun last year.  It was a blast.   Going to a bar and hanging out sans costume is always an option, but Spanky Serpas and his ticket-writing flunkies are out in force.  So here I am updating the iPod and burning time until I think it is safe to go home.


Oh, shit.  I think I left the porch light on. 



3 Responses to “Bah! Humbug!”

  1. Rex L. Camino Says:

    Also, parents always get so pissed off when you hide in the shrubs and jump out to scare the shit out of their little brats.

  2. Huck Says:

    I used to get pissed off. …or was it that I used to piss my pants. I can’t remember. But neither have been a problem since I’ve begun carrying my tazer gun. There’s nothing better than listening to my kids giggle as we watch the “scary-man” wriggle like an epileptic on coke. Screw the candy! I can’t recommend it enough. Fun for the whole family, really.Now what part of Murfreesboro did you say you lived in, Rex?

  3. Rex L. Camino Says:

    Much like horse tranquilizers, tazers don’t work on me anymore, Huck.

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