Everyone Says “Rest In Peace”, But Do They Mean It?


One last unpopular opinion about Rosa Parks, then we can start making fun of  Mr. Sulu  or whoever else decides to join the sideshow.

Rosa Parks was indeed a great American and should be considered for whatever honor this country can bestow.  That being said, why is she being displayed like a carnival exhibit in the Capitol Rotunda?  Here is a woman who conducted her life like she fought her struggle, with quiet dignity.  She shuffled off this mortal coil and has gone to join the choir invisible.  But instead of being laid to rest in a ceremony befitting her aforementioned quiet dignity, opportunistic politicians have decided to use her as a photo opportunity prop.  Something they can use to rack up some points in the "civil rights street cred" category.  It is shameful.  She deserves better than to be used like this.  And opposing the move to place her in the Rotunda for viewing is political suicide.  No politician in his right mind wants to end up on the wrong end of this issue, unless they want to find themselves stammering out an awkward explanation on BET.

So, in conclusion, my fellow Americans, I am announcing I will not seek the Presidency in 2008.  If nominated, I will not run.  If elected, I will not serve .  May the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless you all.




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