Pictures of The Blog Party


 Here’s a picture of Huck and family after the party was over.  Boy, it sure looks like they had a swell time!

 Going and Coming II.jpg

Of course Aunt B was there.  She never misses a party.    I think in this photo she was telling Blake Wylie that he needed to carry a gun.








Smantix was there and this photo was taken right around the time he got an earful of Sociology Majorette.

TRFG5704LG Stewie-Gotohell_1.jpg









 Here’s one of Bruce Barry and Liz Garrigan canoodling in the corner.  Bet they thought we weren’t looking.

Picture_Jay_8b.gif Get a room, you crazy kids!






John H from Salem’s Lot  hung out for a while.  He’s a cool guy with a weird interest in green meteor rocks. 








 Here’s one of me when my first drink arrived…










…and then here’s one of me by the end of the night.













3 Responses to “Pictures of The Blog Party”

  1. Huck Says:

    What? Couldn’t you find a picture with more kids in it?By the way, the new MafiaOza’s bumpersticker looks great on the van. It really ties the Stuckey’s and KOA stickers together.Oh oh. Looks like my highball is getting low. Time to get the little women to mix up another round. Gotta Run.

  2. Huck Says:

    Ooops, freudian slip…I meant “woman”.

  3. Sarcastro Says:

    I think it is cute that you have taught your daughters to make a good drink. It will give them a leg up on other kids looking for a bartending gig in their early twenties.

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