Good Night and Good Riddance


The TV spots for George Clooney’s hagio-pic of Edward R. Murrow’s semi-courageous stand against drink-soaked Commie hunter Senator Joseph McCarthy are flooding the airwaves.   Slate magazine ran a critical review of the upcoming film, which takes the filmakers to task for making it look like Murrow led the charge, when in fact, he jumped on the bandwagon.

Every couple of years, the folks in Hollywood feel the need to remind the American public about the Communist Witch Hunts.  Yes, we get it.  The motion picture industry is the center of the universe and this was the biggest injustice to occur in the history of mankind.  Thanks for reminding us, again.   The unfortunate genesis of a lot of these people getting caught up in the hoopla of the HUAC investigation, were that they were just dopes who joined the Communist Party because it was the trendy thing to do.  Just like Kabbalah.  The analogy goes a little deeper.  The color red is an important color in both groups, as well as the involvement of a lot of Jewish people. 

Of course if Kabbalah is the new Communism for Trendy People, then Scientology is the new Nazi Party


3 Responses to “Good Night and Good Riddance”

  1. Steve Riley Says:

    The part about Hollywood’s continual reflogging of this that’s always bugged me is this: McArthy focused his commiehunt on government people, not Hollywood. He did not make up the black list. The other thing is that so much of what he suspected turned out to be true. Others may know more about this, so please correct me if required. I read it on the internet, so it must be true.

  2. George Rand Says:

    Murrow “jumped on the bandwagon”? How about joined the lynch mob?

  3. Katherine Coble Says:

    *grumbles incessently*The infamous Blacklist was, as pointed out by Steve, a product of Hollywood’s own creating. They’re such sheep they follow in line with every little frigging’ thing. Up to and including blacklisting their own people and then getting all jizzy when they “defy” the blacklist. I can name the exact moment when I knew I’d had enough of Hollowood manufactured events. When Elia Kazan was awarded a lifetime achievement something or other at the Oscars and Nick Nolte and his red-headed shebeast refused to applaud him. Kazan named names, you see. So because of that one moment, his entire life was worth nothing. I am SO tired of the self-centered dramatising of this dead issue. I want a story about Alger Hiss and the pumpkin patch. It IS Halloween, after all.

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