All Roads Lead To Someone Else’s Problem


There must be something in the crisp fall air that compels people to think on the same wavelength.  At first, I thought it was just Aunt B pulling a "My Sweet Lord" on me. 

First Huck posted about living with a short attention span and how taking pills in order to be a good citizen is starting to sound like a bad deal.  Katie Coble, then brings up Ty Pennington’s emotionally manipulative show, Let’s Exploit Your Tragedy:  Home Edition.

Now, it turns out those two great posts taste great together in:  Ty Pennington Exploits His Own ADHD

As for me, I’ve been sitting on a mini-excavator all day hammering through Tennessee bedrock for a damn elevator pit.  I would LOVE some Adderall right about now. 



One Response to “All Roads Lead To Someone Else’s Problem”

  1. Huck Says:

    Oh that Ty!Is there anything that man can’t do?…actually…That article is a little too relevent. So much so, that it’s creepy, and not only because I had to stare at Ty’s dopy grin to read it.Maybe it is the weather? Tis the season to navel gaze, I suppose.

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