No Time For Love, Dr. Jones


Due to some glitch at the headquarters of whatever nerd tank runs Squarespace, I couldn’t log on to Watching The Defectives for the last couple of days.  According to media reports, it is the fault of FEMA, The Bush Twins,  Booker NoeRoger ClintonSenor Wences, and the Ghost of LBJ.

In any event (natural or manmade), all the witty and witless commentary about books I’m reading, people/places/things that irritate me, the late great Tennessee Tuxedo, the shocking breakup of PruneFace and Tiny Jimmy Buffett Impersonator, and gratutious leering at women walking by my construction site will be put on hold until I can remember what I was going to say about them.

When I get more than ten minutes at the computer sometime this week, rest assured dear reader, that all these tremendously important issues will be addressed.  However, not in a half-assed Lost/Desperate Houswives season premiere way, but in a way that makes you a better person and makes our great nation proud.



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