Thursday Night’s Fever


Mr. Roboto put on a very nice shindig at the Flying Saucer, Thursday night.  He was the consummate host, introducing the shy newcomers to the already assembled group.  All the usual suspects were in attendance.  I walked in after standing outside the door talking on the phone and dreading an unsuitable entrance.  It was my first face-to-face with any of the Nashville bloggers.  Finally, I walked in, met Mr. Roboto, whereupon after some chitchat, he guided me first to Sharon Cobb, who wanted to know if we had ever slept together.  I could neither confirm, nor deny it, so she charitably dropped the topic.  Then, I wound up in a group with Smantix, Roger Abramson, and Kitty Coble.   Smantix’ real name is Brian.   He seemed genuinely shocked that so many people enjoy his stuff.  Roger won the Best Dressed award in the male category.   I’m older than Roger, but he seems much more grown up.  Kitty, and I call her that because my guess is she hates it, was prettier than I expected.  Kitty, take down that photo on your site.  It doesn’t do you justice.

Eventually our little group turned into the all-guy corner of the party.  A word of advice, don’t get stuck in the all-guy corner at any social function.  Unless you brought a date, then it is acceptable.  We were joined by Bruce from Flying Python, Chris Wage and his girlfriend Amanda,  Short and Fat, whose actual name I unfortunately forgot, but was a good sport and had the brains to mingle instead of getting caught in the all-guy trap.  I didn’t get to meet Blake Wylie.  He seemed to be at whatever the diametrically opposite end of the get together than I was at any given time.   I did try to make it a point to spend some time with Aunt B.  As much as I may not agree with some of her stuff, I truly respect what she does and the amount of heart she puts into it.  Brittney was there and looking somewhat distracted.  With an upcoming move this weekend, the Katrina disaster, and all the blog crap she deals with on a daily basis, I’m not sure that my idea of a pleasant evening is to spend time with the same assholes who have been name-calling each other all day.  I got the chance to say hello to JAG as she was departing the party, and didn’t get a chance to say anything to her partner-in-crime Jill.

As Aunt B. reported, there were some hotties that I was conversing with during the festivities.  One in particular caught my fancy.  But as I turned my attention elsewhere, and drained six beers out of the bladder, she wound up in an in-depth conversation with someone else.  Although later I may go by her house and hold up a boom-box over my head blasting Peter Gabriel’s "In Your Eyes" ala Lloyd Dobler until she comes out.  I understand chicks dig that kind of stalker-like behavior. 



12 Responses to “Thursday Night’s Fever”

  1. Katherine Coble Says:

    You guessed correctly, Marlboro Man! It is nice, though, to be prettier than expected rather than the other way around. Leave ’em wanting more, I always say.I still can’t believe you didn’t mix it up with ANY of the hot chicks. That’s just a waste of good beer.

  2. Aunt B. Says:

    Respect? That’s quite a compliment. I can only assume it’s because I keep volunteering to give all my tax money to veteran’s affairs. You have to butter me up as a beneficiary of my generosity.

  3. Katherine Coble Says:

    Now that I think about it, I kinda like the “kitty” thing.Makes me feel like I run my own business….above the saloon.

  4. smantix Says:

    Wasn’t trying to corner you in there Sarc. I’m like Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption. Once you pour a few beers in my I just start to ramble on.

  5. Sarcastro Says:

    Not at all Smantix. We had a great confab going on, and we should do it again. But, the purpose of the exercise was to mix and mingle. The hottie girls didn’t get the attention they desired due to our meeting of the Conservative Boys Club. And after a couple three beers I care less about what the boys are saying, and more about what the girls are wearing.

  6. smantix Says:

    Mrs. Smantix had threatened showing up unannounced so I very well couldn’t get caught all eyehumping the fresh young tenders. Which is really too bad that we didn’t meet earlier because she had a hottie friend who had been looking for Mr. Right (and settling for Mr. Right-Nows) for a year before she gave up on Nashville and moved to the AL coast a few months ago.Which really wouldn’t have mattered too much then as you were *ahem*…taken.

  7. Katherine Coble Says:

    Mrs. Smantix had threatened showing up unannounced so I very well couldn’t get caught all eyehumping the fresh young tenders. You could’ve just told her that you were seeing totheir political welfare. Besides, I thought all the mega hotties were into Aunt B’s dart-throwin’ brother, which is proof they don’t read blogs. No woman wants to date a man whose car was reposessed. Unless…

  8. Aunt B. Says:

    Well, then, next time I’m wearing something low cut and frilly with an undergarment that’ll push the girls up and make them more inviting, so that Smantix will come over and at least introduce himself (sorry, they were still in subdued work mode).As for the Butcher, who knows why the ladies love him, even without a car? Maybe they sense his willingness to cook.

  9. Katherine Coble Says:

    Maybe they sense his willingness to cook.I still hold with the fact that he may have untapped delights of which you will never know.

  10. Sarcastro Says:

    Well, let’s hope she never finds out about his untapped delights.

  11. Aunt B. Says:

    Hmm. I knew I had one brother who had no trouble keeping the girls satisfied, but I hadn’t considered that the other brother might be gifted in that area as well.

  12. Roboto Says:

    Hey, thanks for the kind words about the party. Something that I’ve noticed about our local blogging community is that we’re more fun person than we are online. That’s why I keep throwing these parties. Plus, I get all you serious blogger dudes huddled up in the corner talking shop, and I get to entertain the pretty girls. And, you have to admit, for a “blog party,” there sure were a bunch. (That’s why I keep throwing these parties.)

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