Mixed Messages


One of the great pleasures of driving around town unseatbelted is
seeing the plethora of church message boards extolling or condemning
one thing or the other.  The fine folks at Church Sign Generator posts some of the best from around the country.

My personal favorite is one I saw in Hendersonville about ten years
ago.  I went back and took a picture of it for photographic

It read:
A loose tongue often gets its owner into a tight place.

Amen, Brother.


6 Responses to “Mixed Messages”

  1. Tim Morgan Says:

    Any chance of posting the picture?

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    Tim, there is always a chance. I need to dig through some boxes to find it first. There is no telling where it is currently.

  3. sgazzetti Says:

    I’m afraid I can’t bring myself to touch this one.

  4. Katherine Coble Says:

    I’m an idiot. I’ve looked at this post about 6 times and I just now got it. And now I’m laughing.

  5. Muffy Wong Says:

    Beautiful. I wish I saw that one.lately it seems churches are trying to reach out to the internet crowd by saying “God Answers Knee Mail.”I’ve seen that on at least 3 different church signs in Nashville.

  6. Kristine Says:

    I answer Kneed Males too.

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