Hot Teacher Too Hot For Prison


In what is sure to be a damaging blow for “Women In Prison” filmakers,
the smokin’ hot Florida teacher whose hobbies included adultery and
statutory rape, is trying to weasel out of going to the Crowbar
Motel.    Debra Lafave is using what is possibly the best excuse ever.  Read all about it, here.

Can anyone imagine a man using that excuse?  Can anyone imagine a
man committing the same crime and receiving the same level of
scandalous titillation that this and our own local favorite Pamela Turner
have generated?  Can anyone (ok, just the guys) imagine having
these two as teachers in 9th grade and praying every day to be chosen
as their next “victim”?  Most of us had teachers that looked like this.


6 Responses to “Hot Teacher Too Hot For Prison”

  1. Orville Belcher Says:

    Dammit. Dammit all to hell.

  2. sgazzetti Says:

    Didn’t Aerosmith have a song about this?

  3. Sarcastro Says:

    That would be David Lee Roth-era Van Halen. Please inform the sleeper agents you are instructing about the difference.

  4. Michael Says:

    Well, she is hot…but is she too hot for prison? Will they take her Am I Hot or Not rating into consideration for sentencing?

  5. Sarcastro Says:

    Apparently that is her lawyer’s strategy. “Your honor, my client has a 9.8 rating at How could justice possibly be served by putting her in prison, when she could be making late-night Cinemax movies?”

  6. sgazzetti Says:

    Sorry. I was thinking of “Love In An Elevator (Livin’ It Up While I’m Goin’ Down)”. For some reason I always get them confused. So, “Hot For Teacher”: isn’t that on “Slippery When Wet”?

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