The Mild One

What are you rebelling against, Johnny?
Whaddya got?

Middle Age Thugs Slightly Annoy Sleepy Locals During Parade
Adult children of “motorcycle gang” members hope that life
insurance and wills are up to date on heck raising parents.  John
Williams of Talking Rock, Georgia, a founding member of the self-styled
Hell’s Retirees, who have been plaguing the local community with his
below the speed limit low-key antics, was quoted at the parade saying
“I hope this damn thing is over soon, I need to get home for my nap.”



6 Responses to “The Mild One”

  1. Tara Says:

    You must be so proud of him!!!

  2. Steve Riley Says:

    Hey, those things are expensive. Doesn’t he know that SOMEBODY is expecting an inheritance?

  3. sgazzetti Says:

    This reminds me of the time Homer J. Simpson got himself into hot water with the Hell’s Satans.

  4. Muffy Wong Says:

    I’ve never read your “About Me” page till today.Kudos, I love The Tick (the cartoon not the live action series).

  5. Tutularue Says:

    Actually the name of the motorcycle gang is “High Country Cruisers”. I believe the moniker refers to where they live – high as in mountains or maybe in the country, not their normal state of mind.

  6. Ms.Anthrope Says:

    Hey bronze, remember the Night Rider! Night Riiiiiiiiider!

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