Atomic Duffel Bags


For some unexplained reason I feel the urge to watch Channel 4 News from now on.


6 Responses to “Atomic Duffel Bags”

  1. AtrilloTrilobite Says:

    Wrapped in awe, I watched from my big balcony as the Graf Zeppelin collided with the Hindenburg – oh, the humanity….

  2. Muffy Wong Says:

    Oh lawdy. I think I was abducted and taken aboard that hat.

  3. Quickhenrytheflit Says:

    Holy Thompson!

  4. Chez Bez Says:

    Obvious comment here, but…what hat, Muffy? I see no hat.

  5. mikey59 Says:


  6. star 1 Says:

    did she have a boob job ?

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