A Day At The Races


The Kentucky Derby has come and gone.  The true believers who bet on a 50-1 long shot named Giacomo are drunk with power and avarice.  They are reveling in  their winnings like an 17 year old NBA player with a hit record.   The losers, on the other hand, mutter in bleak disgust.  Most of the losers bet on the favorite Bellamy Road.  This horse is owned by New York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner.  Mr. Steinbrenner, or the Boss as some of his flunkies refer to him, does not tolerate failure lightly.  He has fired and disgraced human beings for less of an offense as this horse cost him.  The eyes of the nation watched as his pride and joy went down in ignomious defeat.
Now this poor doomed horse has found out what it is to be on the same hot seat that men such as Billy Martin, Bucky Dent and Yogi Berra found themselves.   I’m not sure under what mysterious circumstances Bellamy Road has wound up injured.    But the smart money says we never see that horse race again.



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