Contessa Update


The folks over at Media Bistro
have been hot on the heels of the Contessa/Imus saga.  As the
audience here is primarily Contessa stalkers, have at it boys!  As
most have figured, she got tired of taking shit from Bernie and the
others.  The sad truth is that any MSNBC news bunny that takes the
Imus gig is looking at a dead-end career. 


5 Responses to “Contessa Update”

  1. skunkbear1 Says:

    After seeing Imus and his fellow goons harass and humiliate Ms. Brewer for several weeks on his morning show, I’m glad to see her repeat elsewhere her last words to him on the show–to wit, that he is “a mean old man.” Emphasis on the “mean.”Prompted by fears that Brewer threatened old friend, Charles McCord, with his weirdly dyed hair and antique witicisms, and, no doubt, by Imus’s harpy wife, Diedra, Imus’s treatment of Ms.Brewer degenerated into constant on-air insults, interruptions, mockery–all with a smarmy sexual tone that finally led to her brief outburst and subsequent departure. In any other workplace, such attacks would guarantee a successful and lucrative harassment judgment for the victim. Would that it were the case here, given the foul-mouthed taunts by now utterly repellant Bernard McGuirk and others.Today, in response to Page Six’s Contessa quote, the entire cast, led by Imus, began an all-out attack on Ms. Brewer, calling her “stupid,” and railing over and over about her “fat ass,” hoping, obviously, to embarass her back into silence. In all, as repulsive a display of boorishness by an increasingly irrelevant pack of old coots as has ever disgraced the media. They can’t boot this jerk, his phony ranch scam, and his fellow louts from the airways soon enough.

  2. tired of imus Says:

    What I can’t believe is that MSNBC thinks this type of nasty behavior is ‘entertainment’, that Imus, because he is rich and famous, can sexually harass one of their anchors and get away with it. That fact amazes me because I can tell you at my workplace, if any male did that publically to any woman, there would be fireings and lawsuits! Lets hope Ms Brewer does the latter, because that seems to be the only thing that men understand. I can tell you that as a woman, I would NEVER contribute to the Imus ranch, they may have a great idea, but I am afraid of what that sick, woman hating old man might be teaching those poor children about how to get along and be tolerant. Better to give my money to other organizations that don’t support people with attitudes like Imus’ and that horrible Bernie.

  3. melissa Says:

    while the contessa fandango was ugly, and broughtout the worst in…everybody, overall, i certainly disagree that Imus is a woman hater, that’s silly.

  4. skunkbear1 Says:

    Actually, it brought out the crude true nature of these vulgar over-the-hill jerks. And they wonder where their audience went.That it evaporates daily in direct proportion to the host’s descent into boorishness revives one’s faith in the republic.

  5. Sarcastro Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Imus orchestrated the whole deal to push her off the show. The Whiz Kids at MSNBC come up with the brilliant idea of moving Imus to the Secaucus studios and want to insert the MSNBC on-air talent into the Imus program. It didn’t work for Amy Robach. As soon as she saw the writing on the wall, she bailed from the Imus gig. I’m thinking that Imus made Contessa’s tenure untenable, so that the MSNBC suits would stop trying to add “flavor” to his show. So she gets set up as the sacrificial lamb, and Imus doesn’t have to put up with anyone outside of his control being on his show.

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