Celebrities Will Save Us From Doom


For an excellent take on the  how nitwits are out to improve our lives, try this
gem from Slate.   Due to either massive incompetence on my
part or the lack of memory in my computer, the genius manifesto of just
how stupid celebrities and those who hang on their every action,
vanished into the ether when my system crashed.   So who is
stupid, now?  Well, I am.  If I were any dumber, I’d have my
own show on the WB.

Let’s try this again.   Everyone is entitled to an
opinion.  Unfortunately for the majority  of Hollywood
knuckleheads, that opinion is spoon fed to them by “experts” or as I
like to call them,  jerks.    In between their orgies of self congratulations 
about what great humans they all must be, and how everything they have
is due to hard work, they want to come down from Olympus and tell the
great unwashed how they must save our planet by using public
transportation or some other cause celebre.  When I
see   Larry Davidand Leo DiCaprio    riding the bus to some bogus award-shows, then maybe I’ll think about it.  Will  Martin Sheen  and Robert Redford ever figure out that they are skilled primarily at playing make believe for money? Will it dawn on them just how unimportant they are when these things are finally put into some perspective?   These million-airheads are nothing more than self-involved name-droppers
with a pathetic need for validation outside making an assload of money
for very little effort.    In our country we fetishize
celebrities for no other reason than because the bored and dumb in our
society want to revel in the bread and circuses of  talentless,
uneducated sub-morons and their ilk.  Maybe art really is a reflection of reality.

Look at it this way, if some  hapless retardtold you that the flush toilet was knocking the Earth from its orbit, would you believe it because he played a hapless retard on TV?


One Response to “Celebrities Will Save Us From Doom”

  1. Steve Riley Says:

    It was right up until, what?, the vaudeville era, that “show-people” were considered the lowest rung of society, and rightly so. It’s amazing what an idiot box can do.This is a good reason for avoiding their mindless dribble whenever possible. Sure, there’s no avoiding it completely, but come on, people! How many people have read all the classic works of literature? I know I haven’t. As long as they are out there at Amazon for about $2.99 each, there IS a better way to spend your time. AND you don’t put money into Bennifer’s pocket. $10/movie!! If I’m going to get fucked by these bimbos, let me put a rubber on first.

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